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Tape London Rules & Byelaws​

1. Members must apply (either via accepted nomination or application).​

2. Members can recommend or nominate new members (within set criteria).​

3. Members must be above 18.​​

4. A database of members must be maintained (photo, bio-data); members info must be kept confidential.​

5. A member can resign at any time, however all indebtedness to the business must be fully paid before resignation takes effect.​

6. Tape withholds the right to not communicate details about Membership Committee decisions or process.

7. Children are strictly not allowed.​

8. Guests must not be solicited or harassed whilst at the venue.​

9. Mobile phones must be respectfully used.

10. There is a strict no press policy. Members or their guests are not to disclose identity of other members in the room in the public domain.​

11. Dress code is strictly smart casual, please refer to our dress code for further details. 

12. Our door team reserve the right to turn away Members and/or guests if they are deemed to be unsuitably dressed.

13. No illegal drugs substances are allowed in the venue; also, no dangerous object or weapon is allowed in the venue.​

14. All bills must be settled in full before leaving the venue.​

15. No outside food is allowed.​

16. We may from time to time close the club for maintenance work, re-decoration and/or private events.​

17. All accidents or injuries must be reported.​

18. No animals are allowed.​

19. Members should be made aware that CCTV are used across for safety reasons.​

20. No smoking inside the venue is allowed.​

21. Disciplinary procedure exists for the Member or guests or a Member whose conduct is prejudicial to the reputation of Tape; such may result in expulsion or suspension of the Member.​

22. Members may have their membership revoked or suspended without notice if the member engages in behaviour that breaks the club rules and policies.

23. Becoming a member of Tape does not annul any active suspension or expulsion. If a newly made Member was suspended or expelled from Tape, becoming a member does not change the newly made member's suspension or expulsion status.  

24. Tape Members is non-political, social and recreational.​

25. Members rights are limited to membership and not ownership of the company assets, trademarks or promotional materials.​

26. Any item brought into the venue by the Member, or the Members guests is strictly at the Members or guests' risk. ​

27. In the event of disputes or interpretations of these rules, the matters shall be referred to the Membership Committee. The rules are also governed and construed in accordance with English law. ​

28. In some circumstances, Tape might not be able to accommodate Members due to capacity. 

29. Tape Members may change the rules from time to time. The latest rules will always be displayed on this website.  ​

30. Should you have any questions regarding your membership and/or our Rules & Byelaws, please contact us at​

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